TMOG Crossover with Jodie (1 hour teaser)

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Hey all! Today Jodie and I let it ALL hang out. We get everyone caught up on our lives and how Jodie has been handling things since her world changed, we also do our best to discuss how EVERYONE’S world has changed, and that even though we are ignorant, we are trying to keep ourselves educated! We then takes things down to frivolous and recap these Teen Mom fools….some more foolish than others. A couple have a great season, while others fall into the trap of trying to control their narrative…and you KNOW that never goes well! Enjoy!!!

****This teaser includes a HUGE section at the top of us recapping current events and just general hullabaloo, and also we include Catelynn’s entire section.



Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 9 “As Long as We’re Together” with guest Joan Moum!

WHEW! Today we break this shit DOWN…and we go a little BLUE so this episode is not for the faint of heart! The two major themes of this episode is White Privilege (very relevant especially in today’s climate) and also Amanda is the WORST! Seriously….I somehow manage to break out about 10 different stories from my past about how I am truly the worst person EVAAA! I promise…I am a nice person! Joan and I enjoy watch the Abraham family fight their way through Scottsdale as we point out our favorite local landmarsk (most of which are fast food restaurants), Catelynn’s “stable parent” dad comes to visit and sparks a very special connection with Tyler, Maci is apparently the only mom in the world who MISSES her child when shes away, and Amber is still dating that creepy ass boy…but don’t worry, Gary is about to pull a POWER MOVE because Gary is what? THE WOOOORST! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 8 ‘Taking it up a NATCH” with EXTRA special guests Carling and Michelle!

WHEWWWW BOY! We got a SHOW for you TODAY! I am joined by the ladies of the “I Did Not Sign Up For This” podcast (and my two high school best friends) Carling and Michelle…both of whom are Canadian, so they have that extra charm! We have a blast as we recap this episode and take a trip down memory lane. On this episode, Maci travels over hill and dale trying to find ONE single person who thinks it is a good idea for her to have a second baby, Farrah and Michael have a bottomless breakfast while Sophia tries to drown herself in a nearby fountain, Cate and Ty are sponsored by Target, and Amber is READY TO DATE AGAIN! OOGIE BOOGIE MOOGA BUTT! (This is a name she calls Leah in this episode). Enjoy!!!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 7 “Without Youuuu”

Happy Monday, friends! On today’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we get the pleasure of watching Bentley be changed about 12 times and discuss (exclusively) his bodily fluids, Cate and Tyler do the Dew and eat chili while mocking people who didn’t finish high school, Deb makes me never want to eat banana pudding again in my life, and Amber and Tonya go head to head in a battle of nonsense and deflection, while Amber continues to try her best to get bed bugs. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 6 “Terribulll Twoooos”

Happy Teen Mom Friday! And today is EXTRA special because its a certain little lady’s birthday party….and you better BELIEVE this 2 year old is gonna be out ALL NIGHT partying her ASS off. And yes…I mean Leah Shirley.  Shes taking after her ladies man father in fact, bc Gary is ready to party the night away with a “ton of girls”. Amber finds out and Ill let you guess if she is pleased. Also on this episode, Kyle can only speak in rhymes, Farrah does an infomercial about everything to do to NOT raise a puppy, and Cate’s segment makes me actually cry so her and Tyler get a break this week! Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 5 “Trick or Treat”

Hellooooo! This is a spooooky episode of Teen Mom today! Mostly because its the TWILIGHT ZONE and I am on Rhine’s side for once…like completely! Maci…take a seat with you spoiled privilege. Catelynn and Tyler have a really cute little episode and get their first JABS, and I can’t really find anything to throw shade about bc they’re pretty adorable! Deb oversteps and “helps” Farrah with her final project for culinary school, only to totally ruin the entire thing, and then gets defensive AF when Farrah tries to tell her that an EXECUTIVE MBA doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on all things food-related, and Amber switches things up for once and sits on the couch and complains about not being able to see Leah. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 4 “Trials & Tribulations”

Hey all! How is everyone out there is TM Love/Hate land? Things are getting CRAZY with the moms this season….except for Maci. NEVER Maci. Maci contemplates moving back home to Chattanooga for the 17th time, Cate and Tyler invite April over for exactly 30 seconds, or enough time to spoke her indoor cigarette at least, Farrah needs us all to know that she HATES BARNEY, and Amber meets withe CPS and the Police and convinces herself that she is gonna be TOTALLY fine and that televised repeated domestic violence is TOTALLY NOT A BIG DEAL! Enjoy!

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