16 & Pregnant: Kailyn

Hello friends! Surprise! I dropped another episode on you! One day I will figure out an official day to drop episodes but until then, join me will you, on this journey into Kailyn’s 16 & Pregnant episode. Things you need to know: Kailyn’s hair is awesome, there is a story arc with a kitty that I am concerned about, and both her birth parents are pretty much useless in her biggest time of need. Enjoy!!!



3 thoughts on “16 & Pregnant: Kailyn

  1. There’s a dead body in that meat fridge … right?
    Like all this talk about “200 dollars worth of meat” and not liking sticky fingers … Plus the weird Roadkill thing.
    That man has a dead person in his fridge. He’s killed someone. And I assume said body was a drug mule full of meth. That or he got in a fight over a pack Slim Jims and it went too far. Either way there’s a dead body in that fridge.


  2. You were too busy wanting to scalp Kailyn and wear annoyingly perfect hair as a wig. I’d do it too if I weren’t already so lazy that taking care of my own medium hair seems like a chore. God Bless dry shampoo. My arms got tired while you were talking about doing a bun.


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