16 & Pregnant: Chelsea

Hello! We are almost finished with our Teen Mom 2 girls! This week I recap Chelsea’s journey through the dark underbelly of dating a sociopathic douchebag! I go through a wide range of emotions here…and you’ll never predict where I end up at the end! Spoiler: I forgot how much I used to LOVE CHELSEA!!!! Also, Adam is literally the WORST.  Enjoyyyy!


9 thoughts on “16 & Pregnant: Chelsea

      1. I fully understand God Warrior now. Clearly she was fighting the Adam’s of the world.

  1. I Love Your Podcast! You are so funny! I Check for new episodes everyone day. If i Had an i Phone i would give you a five star review:) Please keep doing this great Podcast!!

    1. If you love Amanda here check out her other podcast Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour. it’s a show about RuPaul’s Drag Race she hosts with her equally funny friend Nick. Also high five from a fellow iPhone less person!

    1. Im going to try to take notes and record tonight!!! Unfortunately it’s Maci’s episode so theres very little to pull from lol

      1. Yeah! I am so excited:)) I am soHappy that I found Out There are other people that are also obsessed With Teen Mom. English ist mit my First language. Sorry for the mistakes:))

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