Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 2 “So Much to Lose”

Hello friends! Today I discuss that AMAZING gift that Jenelle gave us….her gun totin’ highway driving…and also that creepy ass video Tyler’s sister posted that will forever be in my deepest nightmares. On the episode proper, Chelsea falls for Adam’s 3 words per sentences, Kailyn dates the smuggest robot who ever robot-ed, Leah and Corey mumble to each other about poor little Ali, and Jenelle’s lawyer wins an Oscar for “best ability to act like you aren’t going to laugh out loud at a client”. Enjoy!!!


One thought on “Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 2 “So Much to Lose”

  1. AHHHH YOU MENTIONED ME! I feel more honored than the time in kindergarten when I got my picture in the paper because I held the giant yellow python when the Animal Guy brought animals to our class. I was a very dumb child who would do anything for some attention. Thank you for mentioning how awful Jordan is. Personally I would have taken him to a shitty restaurant just to watch him suffer but I have a feeling he would happily eat the salad bar decorations and any fake fruit put in front of him so…

    As for Amber’s lawn couch That is Peak White Trash. How is anyone going to know what you own if you don’t display you’r material possessions upon your lawn? You’re rich enough to have TWO couches! Can’t wait for the next episode where we’re all shocked Adam manged to keep his child alive while he watched her.

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