Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 4 “Moving In, Moving On”

Hello, fellow Teen Mom addicts! Today I explore what I would call a FILLER EPISODE….TO THE MAXXXX! But never fear, we are building up to ultimate drama, and it’s a slow slow burn, especially when you want the results we know are coming! In today’s episode, Adam terrorizes a family of ducks at the zoo, Kailyn cries about tuition payments, Leah and Corey move into a trailer, and Janelle meets……*drum roll please* KEIFAAAA!!!!!


One thought on “Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 4 “Moving In, Moving On”

  1. Your dedication to your Teen Mom craft continues to astounding and amaze me. I fully expect Janelle to call her beloved KEHFFA to help her roll David’s corpse into that pissed off alligator’s swamp which as we all know is, for them, a SUPER romantic date and one this fucking hobo can actually afford for once. Granted I’m pretty sure it’s animal abuse to try to make an alligator 1. Have to put up with those two idiots again and more importantly 2. Eat such an of utter piece of shit like David.

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