Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 5 “Moving In, Moving Out”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you PIECE OF SHIT MOTHAS OUT DEYA!!!! But seriously, I love all you listeners and I hope you enjoy this episode! On this episode, Corey does a piss-poor job of not only taking care of the girls, but just being alone in his own house for a couple hours, Jo attempts to trap Kail in NEWARK, Chelsea and Adam continue in their “bliss” (aka Adam is being Kinda nice), and Jenelle and Kiefer stay out all night smoking THE WEEEEEED and Babs is NOT having it. Enjoy!!!


One thought on “Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 5 “Moving In, Moving Out”

  1. BABBBBBE! Truly a historic event has happened! Radu’s podcast debut!! How does he not know more mom’s living with you? I feel like he would know even more just by osmosis. Ugh Janelle honestly treats her kids like a kid with ADD and a new toy. She’ll play with/pay attention to them for a little bit then when she’s bored with them she just drops them for her current man whatever drugs she’s into at the time. Leaving her mother and other people to clean up the damage. Truly the biggest piece of shit mother.

    This is truly the highlight of my day thanks so much for posting on Mother’s Day. I am DYING for Buck’s return!

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