Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 7 “Switching Gears”

On today’s episode, we have many milestones being met! Kailyn gets a hostessing job and Jo sends an Adam-level text in response, Chelsea says ADAAAAM about 300 times, Corey makes Leah fish for her own engagement ring, and Jenelle and Keifer make themselves comfortable in the cabin they will soon be arrested for trespassing in.  Enjoy!!!


One thought on “Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 7 “Switching Gears”

  1. Oh my. I see your Pod page format has changed. First and most importantly I love you. I have listened to every episode and most twice because I have a problem. It’s bad. I love to hate Teem mom as much as you. Your impressions are so fun and so love the throw back episodes. I know you also love to hate constructive criticism (don’t we all) but I’d love to see the text in any other color. It’s kinda hard to read and I may have had a sezure or a moment of blackout. Love you none the less. Just shocked as I was just doing up “all” of your TM recaps. ❤️ Ya and keep giving me material. My life depends on it. Seriously.

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