Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 9 “Access Denied”

Well guys, We made it! No more David! It feels good, I gotta say! I thought this episode was SNOOZERS but low and behold, Im delirious enough to ramble on about it for over an hour! Get ready for some Kristen/Babs CONTENT! Enjoy!!!!


One thought on “Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 9 “Access Denied”

  1. Oh My God IT’S HERE! FINALLY NO MORE HOMOPHOBIC SERIAL KILLER SASQUATCH! I turned this episode on to help me go to sleep but I feel like I’m on ALL the cocaine! I AM SO WIRED! This has given me ALL ! THE ! LOYF! AND I AM HERE FOR IT! Like yes the first half of this episode( the show never your podcast) was boring as fuck but my god did it pick up at the end. As soon as I saw that black screen I KNEW this was going to one AMAZING ALTHTM episode. As always you did not disappoint! You got so deep into your David Character that you scared my cat. (It’s cool though I gave Godric a tummy rub and he forgives you)

    I’m still fucking pissed that the producers didn’t talk about the David incident.

    I cannot wait for next episode with Nick and those Damn Credit Cahds!

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