Teen Mom 2: Season 2 Episode 1 “Best Laid Plans”

Teen Mom 2 is back again!!! And doesn’t it feel good? Like a big warm blanket. Nick Kochanov (from Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour Podcast and No Good Very Bad Gay Podcast) is with us to talk about this episode, with so many iconic moments we can barely keep them straight!

On this episode, Leah buys some scrubs and can’t figure out why Corey doesn’t trust her, Chelsea DOES NOT want to get back together with Adam, Kail is dating an adult baby, and Babs SEEN JENELLE WIT KEIFA!!!

Also, I clear up some confusion about my Patreon and this feed always being free! Don’t worry guys, you will NEVER have to pay for this podcast…just the extras! Babs wouldn’t want it any other way.


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