Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 6 “Cry it Out” with special guest Rylee Ennis

Hello friends! Sorry for my lapse in episode last week (but quite frankly, I don’t think anyone missed ANYTHING really). This week I am joined by Rylee Ennis of Snap Back to Reality Podcast to discuss this episode of Teen Mom 2. This cast is DESPERATE for storylines, you guys. Rylee hasn’t watched this show since the golden era (aka the Kiefer episodes) so it was interesting to get her insights! On this episode, Kailyn is WAY too busy to say 3 words to Lauren, Cole cries…a lot….and then tells us how he NEVER cries, Leah’s boyfriend needs to STFU, Roxanne ANNOYINGLY had a great episode and I like her now, and Jenelle has A LOT OF OTHER THINGS GOING ON, YOU GUYS! Enjoy!

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