Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 2 “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” with extra special guest Samantha Mitchell aka “Smitch”

YOU GUYS! This was one of the most fun nights of my podcasting career. I finally got to meet my true soulmate, Smitch, and we finally got to discuss all the things that make us the exact same person: Hypochondria….our hatred of children….our love of Animals…true crime and of COURSE…TEEN MOM!  We break this shit DOWN. On this episode, Maci’s friends’ weigh the options of having a rich famous roommate who also has a child who wants to literally bash his own head in, Cate lies to Ty but WE CAN ALL RELATE GIRLS!….Farrah continues to be kind of adorable and RELATABLE, and well…Amber and Gary. Just………listen. Enjoy!

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