Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 7 “Senior Prom” with extra special guest, Erin Pittleman

Hey guys! Today I welcome one of my true soulmates, Erin Pittleman, (who I did some theatre with in Florida back in Medieval times) and pop her Teen Mom cherry! And it was ohhh so good! On this episode we discuss how my tourettes almost got both of us fired from a show, how we lost our virginities (spoiler: both stories are less exciting than the next), and we try to outdo each other on how much we love our dogs. Oh also, we discuss Teen Mom! On this episode, Maci continues to be BEIGE as can be, Amber (who Erin actually chose as SECOND up this week!) wants to go out for her bday to blow off some steam, but not if Gary can help it! DebsOG is ALL OVER the Baby GOOOO talk, and Cate has the most dark episode to date, as she goes shopping for prom dresses with evil April. Enjoy!

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