Special Patreon Episode: Unexpected S02 E06 “When the Water Breaks”

Hey all! Your regular episode will be out on Sunday (and I promise it is an extra special bonus spectacular extravaganza), but until then, I wanted to wet your whistles with this free preview of the stuff I have going on over at patreon.com/al2hteenmom where i am currently recapping Unexpected ($5 patreon level):

This episode was so infuriating and AMAZING. ALSO! Why are all these women slowly morphing into Teen Mom OG charaters? Jessica is Farrah, Shannon is Amber…..who’s next? I guess Lexus wears as much makeup as Chelsea…this is a fun game. Anyhoo, on this episode Jessica shows her true (Farrah) colors and Chloe is absolutely the bigger person the entire time, Emily goes into labor and then doesnt and then does and Diego has to reschedule his Big Little Lies marathon, Lexus and Kelsey try to cheat on the driving test, and Shannon IS DOING SO MUCH BETTER YOU GUYS!!!! Enjoy!!!





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