Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 10 “Lashing Out”

Hello friends! This episode is going to be a HUGE TREAT for you…it certainly was for me. I didn’t even see this coming at all, but this is THAT episode. Yes, THAT ONE. The one where Amber Krav Maga’s Garys ass all the way down dat stairwell. I mean, other things happen I guess. Maci’s cooking skills couldn’t even get her hired at a prison, April beams with pride over Cate’s failing grades on her report card, and Sophia hasn’t learned how to hug, kiss, or show affection…in this episode, and also currently as of today. I want to say enjoy, but the Amber stuff is honestly pretty hard to watch, so I did my duty to recap all the darkness for you so you don’t have to watch it (but you still probably should watch…cuz its pretty insane). Love you all!


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