Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 11 “Too Much Too Soon” with Nick Kochanov!!!

Hey all!!! Ive been insanely busy lately and the ONLY thing keeping me conscious right now is talking about this Teen Mom episode with all of you…and of course with audience favorite Nick Kochanov! Thank GOD for Nick and laughter. On this episode, Kyle SHOCKINGLY is not excited about waiting 2 hours to watch Bentley shit in the toilet, Farrah ugly cries about how her teenage dream ended, and also…DEB, please convert to DEBSOG immediately bc you are AWFUL, speaking of awful….APRIL…..you seriously suck. And GEEERY? I don’t know if I want to hug you bc you are crying or hate you bc you are obviously being very manipulative. Either way, Nick and I manage to discuss pooping and dick pics, Enjoy!!!

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