Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 21 (?) “Direct Message”

Whoa! What a turnaround this gal is giving ya! I busted my kneecap today and apparently that opened up a couple stories from the vault of my insane past relationship so tune in for THAT….but also Teen Mom 2 happened! I mean…stuff “happened” I guess. On this episode, Leah and JERMY take Addie to the doctor and I actually HAVE EMPATHY FOR A CHILD FOR 5 SECONDS, Im back on team Kail as well and I think she might be getting a good edit, as she comes to terms with accepting being single for a little while, Briana deserves so much better than this NY Chicken Fucker, we wonder when Jade and Sean will reveal that Sean IS NOT SOBER, and Aubree is ALL OF US WITH HER SIDE EYE! I love Aubree. Aubree, lets talk. Enjoy!


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