Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 4 “Truth Hurts”

Hey all! Happy PRIDE….and don’t we truly all just have Chelsea and Cole to thank specifically for all the strides we have made in the LGBTQ community? Join me as I break THAT mess down. Also, Briana and John take a VACATION, Leah takes a VACATION and discuss with Victoria about how she got knocked up on their recent VACATION, Methinks Kail MIGHT be lying when she says she has no bad feelings toward Javi and Lauren, and even though I am an ignorant white ass Canadian, I feel like the cops were kind of being terrible douchebags in Jade’s segment….right? Am I right? Am I crazy? Anyhoo….Enjoy!!!


2 thoughts on “Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 4 “Truth Hurts”

  1. Hi Amanda! I love listening to your podcast! I am a dog walker in the UK and listen to your podcast thru my fone while out and about with the dogs. I’ve heard you talk about your Teen Mom UK podcast but cant find it anywhere (love to hear your opinions and impressions of those fucktards!!). Can u point me in the right direction? Kara x

    1. Hi!!! So happy you found me 🙂 my teen mum podcast is actually patreon only 🙈🙈 but if you have $6 to spare…you can prob binge them all out this month! Also…teen mom young and pregnant season 1 is on there as well, as well as all my $5 episodes…including being Barbara and being Deb….its like 100 hours of content lol

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