Teen Mom 2 Season Infinity: Episode 5 “Walking the Walk” with Extra Special Guest, John (Joan) Moum!

Hello all! Today has been a long time coming! I am joined by one of my best friends in the universe (and AL2H OG fan), John Moum to discuss a very boring episode of Teen Mom 2 (shocker). But we find tons of fun topics to veer off into, including some very embarrassing college stories from both of us! On this episode, Leah acts LESS MATURE than her own children and LETS THEM LOOK AT HER TEXT MESSAGES??? Is she INSANE? Kail spends time with her dogs which, lets be honest, was my fave part of the episode, Devoin takes Nova to the American Girls Store (and John explains to me wtf that is), Sean has a freakout on Instagram Live, and Cole magically changes a pair of Elton John sunglasses into a pair of manly aviators….oh…but I caught that shit, Coley! Enjoy!





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