Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 6 “A Leap of Faith”

Happy FRI-YAY! Its been quite a day of podcasting, but my heart always truly lies in these throwback Teen Mom episodes! On this episode, Leah and Jeremy begin a courtship for the ages (seriously…its STILL FUCKING HAPPENING TO THIS DAY EVEN THOUGH ITS DEAD), Kail has her most vulnerable episode yet, and Jo can barely contain his laughter, Chelsea wears an Arizona Red Clay mask on her face for this entire episode and is SHOCKED to learn that she has the symptoms of someone with low self-esteem!?!?!?!. And Jenelle. Jenelle meets a new GUYYYY…..but there’s already trouble in paradise when after 3 days of bliss, Jenelle gets in a bad mood. Enjoy!

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