Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 7 “Building Blocks” with extra special guest, Johnny from Alright Mary!

Hello friends! Johnny is back to kiki about the travesty of this garbage heap of a show. And he did his RESEARCH today, Mawma! On today’s episode, we discuss getting “caught in the act”, play a little game of Fuck, Marry, Kill, and go into the criminal records of everyone on the show. Kailyn has truly the most depressing storyline ever (so we dont really talk much about her), Chelsea and all her friends have bought out every store in South Dakota for FEATHERS, and Chelsea is really excited to start cosmetology school, if it wasn’t for that pesky GED! Don’t worry, she really nailing it at life otherwise (buttered noodles aside). Leah introduces Jeremy to literally everyone in her life, and each meeting is more awkward than the next (not to mention that Corey has chosen this time to come in and eff everything up with his manipulation….I hate men so much), and Jenelle and Babs start out with a BANG of a fight that has zero context, but you know everything can easily be fixed with a nice big glass of red wine at noon. Enjoy!


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