Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 11 “Breakdown

We are SOOO close to finishing out this season of Teen Mom 2! And OH….the BAD DECISIONS HERE! Its some rough stuff guys. On this episode, I first breakdown the insanity of the Celine Dion concert I saw this past week, and then we BREAKDOWN this episode. Chelsea is having trouble dealing with Adam’s 21st birthday??? This is a thing? Fish Lips Mgee sinks his HOOK deeper into Kail and Isaac to ensure PRIMO TV airtime, Leah and Jeremy skip those pesky little relationships development steps such as getting to know each other, dating for more than a couple months,  knowing each others middle names…etc… and decide to skip right to GETTING ENGAGED, and Jenelle sends a SHOCKWAVE to the audience that Andrew might not be Jace’s dad even though they look identical to each other. Enjoy!!!

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