Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 12 “Means to an End” (Season 3 Finale)

Helllloooooo! You guys….we are in a weird time right now but as always, I try to find the humor in it! If anything, it gives me more time to soak up more reality tv content and spit it out for you all! Me, Walter and the Kitties are all Corona free (we aren’t beer drinkers in this house!). On this finale special, Kail acts SUPER mature when Vee extends an olive branch to her, aka she screams in Jo’s face and then invites ONLY Jo to Isaacs bday party, Chelsea FINALLY FINISHES HER FUCKING GED PRAISE THE LORD, Leah seems to not understand the concept of MTV recording her openly admitting 100 times that she loves Corey more than her own Fiance, and Jenelle and Babs skype with Andrew who looks…..just really good you guys. Enjoy!!!!




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