TRP Unlocked episode (for your Quarantine boredom): Sister Wives S12 E10: Wedding part 2

Love is meant to multiplied, not divided. Same goes for street tacos & tres leches cake because it’s TONY, BITCH! This episode has it all: Brown Family mosh pits, Christine singing, Robyn’s 4th wife privilege, and Meri’s sadness. Amanda is a Sister Wives virgin so after a crash course in Brown Family 101 from Jodie, the nuances of the Wedding Padron-Brown are not lost on anyone. Sure Amanda whips out her piano to determine which note Christine is trying to hit & of course Jodie knows the exact number of street tacos can fit down her gullet, but all in all it was a great reception. Unless you got hit by the flying debris of a mutilated bride or groom piñata.

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