Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 2 “To Be With Youuuuuwah”

Happy weekend!!! I hope we are all staying happy and healthy, and ready to talk mad shit together about this dumpster fire of an episode! First of all, I confess the biggest crush I have ever had on a single person, and how I am doing everything I can all week to get him out of my god damn system (spoiler: its Bill Hader still). On the episode proper, Maci does the most piss poor timeout in the God forsaken universe, Cate sends Tyler into a full tailspin while going apartment hunting, and then tries to give them both bed bugs, Farrah poses in a….hair show? Looking like a horse? I didn’t really follow. Oh, and in Amber and Gary land, theres trouble in paradise when things get heated on the way to a waterpark. Enjoy!

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