Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 3 “The Last Straw” With Liz Bentley!!!

WHEW! What a day of podcasting! Liz (from Feathers in my Hair podcast) and I talked for almost 4 hours today about Teen Mom, and the craziest takeaway from this episode is how LITTLE Amber has changed AT ALL! Actually, none of them really have. Maci is still thinking Ryan wants her back and is desperate to create drama between him and Kyle (spoiler alert: the results of which is THE most uneventful scene in TM history thus far), Butch and his rat tail are released from an 8 month stint in prison, and Tyler lists off about 26 cliche inspirational quotes, Farrah screams at Deb for quietly suggesting they talk to a Lawyer about maintaining custody of Sophia, but Farrah CAN HANDLE THIS HERSELF, and Amber complains to Gary about how unfair it is that her child might be taken away from her. Basically the exact same Amber storyline as this most recent episode. Kinda freaky! Enjoy!


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