Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 5 “Trick or Treat”

Hellooooo! This is a spooooky episode of Teen Mom today! Mostly because its the TWILIGHT ZONE and I am on Rhine’s side for once…like completely! Maci…take a seat with you spoiled privilege. Catelynn and Tyler have a really cute little episode and get their first JABS, and I can’t really find anything to throw shade about bc they’re pretty adorable! Deb oversteps and “helps” Farrah with her final project for culinary school, only to totally ruin the entire thing, and then gets defensive AF when Farrah tries to tell her that an EXECUTIVE MBA doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on all things food-related, and Amber switches things up for once and sits on the couch and complains about not being able to see Leah. Enjoy!

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