Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 8 ‘Taking it up a NATCH” with EXTRA special guests Carling and Michelle!

WHEWWWW BOY! We got a SHOW for you TODAY! I am joined by the ladies of the “I Did Not Sign Up For This” podcast (and my two high school best friends) Carling and Michelle…both of whom are Canadian, so they have that extra charm! We have a blast as we recap this episode and take a trip down memory lane. On this episode, Maci travels over hill and dale trying to find ONE single person who thinks it is a good idea for her to have a second baby, Farrah and Michael have a bottomless breakfast while Sophia tries to drown herself in a nearby fountain, Cate and Ty are sponsored by Target, and Amber is READY TO DATE AGAIN! OOGIE BOOGIE MOOGA BUTT! (This is a name she calls Leah in this episode). Enjoy!!!


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