Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 9 “As Long as We’re Together” with guest Joan Moum!

WHEW! Today we break this shit DOWN…and we go a little BLUE so this episode is not for the faint of heart! The two major themes of this episode is White Privilege (very relevant especially in today’s climate) and also Amanda is the WORST! Seriously….I somehow manage to break out about 10 different stories from my past about how I am truly the worst person EVAAA! I promise…I am a nice person! Joan and I enjoy watch the Abraham family fight their way through Scottsdale as we point out our favorite local landmarsk (most of which are fast food restaurants), Catelynn’s “stable parent” dad comes to visit and sparks a very special connection with Tyler, Maci is apparently the only mom in the world who MISSES her child when shes away, and Amber is still dating that creepy ass boy…but don’t worry, Gary is about to pull a POWER MOVE because Gary is what? THE WOOOORST! Enjoy!

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