Teen Mom OG Season 3 Finale “Pros & Cons” with extra special guest, Johnny!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3 Finale “Pros & Cons” with extra special guest, Johnny!
Oh my goodness, we did it! And boy was this finale jam packed with CRINGEY shit that we cannot stop laughing at…its almost as if these people WANTED someone to start a podcast where some basic girl re-enacts everything they dooowah!
I am joined by Johnny (from the Alright Mary podcast) to laugh and throw shade and also talk about porn, how much we hate people with guitars, and basically go IN on our crushes on asshole bros. On this episode proper, Butch and his surprise dog move into Cate and Ty’s house (wearing Chili Pepper pajama pants) and Cate and Ty make a list of rules, Maci is ABSOLUTELY the worst and Kyle is basically backing up out the door on his crutches trying to escape this situation, Farrah takes Sophia on a driving tour of different places Farrah and Daddy Derek used to bitch about their parents together (of course in a huge snow storm), and Gary writes, and sings, a song for Amber. The worlds GREATEST love song has already been written guys, and we didnt even know!
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