Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 2 “Love Hurts”

What a DAY! I have a feeling a lot of you guys use this show and my podcast as a bit of schadenfreude, so please feel free to swim in the rivers of my life as you listen to a recap of literally just the past couple days of my existence! On this episode proper, Jeremy smiles the entire episode because he hates Leah’s kids so much and he is excited that there is a chance for him to get OUT while he still can, Chelsea starts beauty school and makes some friends, all the while sharing all the social anxiety that comes with being an introvert, Kailyn literally ADMITS that she uses PFA’s just to be a bitch…oh… i mean… “prove a point”, and Gary eats grits with a knife as Jenelle plans her great escape so prince Kiefer can come rescue her! Enjoy!


For hours of bonus Teen Mom content, check out:


For Total Request Podcast with Jodie (and me!) check out:



Also check out my new podcast with my buddy David Baxter “Friends of the Countess” available anywhere you listen to podcasts!



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