Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 4 “Faded Love” with extra special guest Amy Chaya!

FINALLY! The bitch put up the episode. And by bitch, I mean meeeee. Its been a week of migraines, dogs, and podcasting, so the week kind of got away from me WOWOW. But here I am, better late than never. Speaking of late, Chelsea DID end up getting her period and she’s “happy” about it (sure, gurl), Corey and Jeremy decide to chum it up in Jeremy’s delapidated NEW (?) house, the Rivera family pulls a fast one on Kail ,which literally required Vee just not parking her car in the driveway, and Jenelle all of a sudden wants breast implants, but Kieffer is there to be boyfriend of the year!

Amy Chaya, listener extraordinaire and Teen Mom superfan/hater, joins me to throw shade and giggle about these darn girlses! Enjoy!

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