$5 Patreon FREEBIE: TMOG Season 6 Reunion with extra special guest, Justine Elizabeth!!!

SUNDAY FUNDAY SURPRISE!!! Since you are all always so freaking awesome and supportive what I do, ad make my crazy life so much easier to handle even when my schedule is crazy, I gift to you all, DAT reunion where Amber tries to fight Farrah.


This was an INSANE reunion and attention must be paid!! We all remember this mostly for Amber storming the stage to try and fight Farrah, but SOOO many other messy ass things happen in the rest of this 2 part special as well! Heres a shocker: Dr. Drew continues to be the WOOOORST, and today I have Justine with me to double down that sentiment! Also on this special, Tyler ISN’T a fat shamer (even thought he pretty much talks openly about how fat he thinks Cate is, while Dr. Drew encourages Cate to keep popping out dem babies bc who cares about her depression??? THE MAN in their marriage wants a boy! Amber just had a mommy makeover, which is quite feat bc usually you get those when youre an actual MOTHER, Dr Drew congratulates Ryan for getting his life together and shames Maci for having two more kids with her HUSBAND, and Deb has a wig on. No, shes not recovering from some kind of medical treatment, its just that Dr David MADE HER GET THE WIG SO SHE WOULD RESEMBLE FARRAH. Oh, and the fight. Its pure gold. Enjoy!

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