Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 5 “So Hard to Say Goodbye”

Big things happening this week! I mean, not in the ACTUAL episode because…I mean PLEASE *eyeroll*.

Please listen to my very quick announcements at the top of the episodes regarding my plans for this season of my Patreon! Other than that, lets get MOVING on this episode! Leah “realizes” she “loves” Jeremy and “should” be with him “forever”, Kail fails to one up Jo with the custody battle, so obviously the next best thing is to prove that her relationship with Javi is WAY BETTER THAN JO AND VEE (meanwhile Issac take a diaper swim with Bear the puppy), Chelsea has the WORST LIFE bc she has WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS, and Babs and Jenelle share a kind of cute KIKI moment over roses from Gary, albeit kind of misguided, but still, we have to cling onto these rare nice moments, right? enjoy!


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