Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 6 “Fall to Pieces”

Happy Sunday! I FINALLY have my life back after QUOYTE the week of horror cats and endless driving around. This episode is SO GOOD!!!! So much hilarious stuff happens to make fun of, and also a few things that are incredibly problematic and definitely wouldn’t fly today. Or maybe it would…MTV doesn’t really seem to be ON TOP of being on the right side of history. Anyway, I digress. On this episode, Leah and Dawn start the girlses early on a caffeine addiction, Chelsea gets a failing grade from anyone with eyes on her first client updo, Kailyn’s dog takes a dinosaur shit on the carpet and she takes it out on Javi, who is just trying to LOVE NY, and Jenelle and Babs knew they were due for another epic throwdown, and Babs reminds us of how much Jenelle loves to get high high high high! Enjoy!

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