Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 7 “For Better or Worse”

Helloooooo friends! She’s back back back again and ready to kiki about Teen Mom again! Life truly isn’t complete without reality television right??? Theres some fun little teasers for upcoming content which I hope you will all find tantalizing and exciting…although Im sure by the time this episode drops, the cat will be out of the bag and eating FANCY FEAST MAWMA! On the episode proper, Leah has a conversation between lovers with Corey, in front of Jeremy, ON THE WAY TO THEIR WEDDING, Chelsea obsesses over evil texts from evil Adam, but at least she looks like Jem, Isaac serves as guest show producer by being in charge of putting a good button on every scene, and Jenelle and Gary REALLY think they’re pulling a fast one on all of us….but get ready for the most unique and thoughtful proposal of all time! Enjoy!

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