“We Love to Hate TV” Free Preview: Teen Mom 2 Season 10: Episode 1 “New Season, Old Wounds”

Hello everyone! What a treat we have for you today! Jodie and I have joined our Patreon pages to make a MEGA-PATREON, and have renamed it We Love To Hate TV (patreon.com/lovetohatetv)

Today we are giving you a full episode preview of what to expect over there! Every 3 weeks we get together and do a supersized episode recapping the most recent 3 episodes of whichever season of Teen Mom happens to be airing at that time! However, we wanted to start this season off with the bang it deserves, so we wanted to let everyone enjoy it and giggle and snark along with us 🙂

On this episode, Sean brings Khloie THE birthday present every two year old has on their wish list, Briana can’t resist DAT LUIS CHARM, and we discuss what skills go into DJing (yes, yes, we know it DOES require skill), Chelsea and Cole (GASP) become relatable as human beings for the first time in their time on tv together (also we have some big news regarding the state of affairs of different wardrobe happenings), Kailyn is the WORST but also kind of…like..being a good mom???, and Leah continues to play mom of the year while Corey eats some RIBS (and you KNOW we focused for awhile on THAT scene!). Enjoy!!!

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