Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 9 “Sweet Dreams’

Happy TM Friday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week full of smiles and laughter šŸ™‚

On this episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah continues to be TERRIBLE and again, I am forced to be on Corey’s side…not with the legal part of it but in the “OMG SHUT UP ,LEAH” way. Javi passes his Military test while Issac enters a 3 day REM cycle, Chelsea has SOOOO much on her plate that school is starting to become a burden, Oh, and she has MONOOOO you guysssss, and Jenelle and Kieffer face Gary in court. Well, not in court. On the streets outside court. and also, Gary is about a mile away from them. But really, Keiffer was THIS CLOSE to pulverizing him. Enjoy!

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