Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 10 “For Love & Money” with special guest Liz Bentley!

Today’s episode is a TREAT. Everyone is back!!! Kiefer, Jeremy, Javi, (not Allison), and most importantly, Liz Bentley from Feathers In My Hair podcast! As usual it was impossible for 2 TM superfans to keep any discussion to under two hours, so…..you’re welcome? On this episode, Leah get married in the rain for RILL Y’ALL while NOT flying high with Jermy, Chelsea celebrates her 21st bday by drinking “one beer” you guys….but wouldn’t you know it? A-D-A-M texts and ruins EVERYTHEEEENG! Kail’s soul leaves her and body while Javi arranges a half assed “surprise” proposal to her outside of a DINER, and Jenelle is having money troubles, but don’t worry guys…Kieffer is is whittling handmade tobacco pipes and things are looking up! Enjoy!!

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