Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 11 “Hard Knocks”

We are almost at the end of this INCREDIBLE season of Teen Mom, and things are starting to get very dark! I mean, not even in a really fun way. In fact, Jenelle’s scene is so dark this will be the first time I ever feel weird having to even discuss what happens. On todays episode, we get the first sighting of Dr. Tsao, and along with it, our first of MANY scenes of Leah trying to talk to Corey in the waiting room while he tries to do anything BUT actually acknowledge her, Chelsea ONLY has one week left of her VACATION from school, and is DREADING having to come back, and also? How DARE Adam give Aubree a good time on her birthday! Also, a rare sightings of the Linds! And Jenelle and Kiefer? Well….we all know how this season ends. YIKES. Enjoy….?

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