Teen Mom Season 4: Episode 12 “The End of the Road” with fan favorite Nick Kochanov!

Well guys, we MADE IT! And oof…..here we are. Nick joins me today to break down this infamous epiosde. Its times like this where we have to thank the MTV Gods for Chelsea for actually contributing some lightness to the episode, bc the other three storylines are DARK AF! Leah and COREY (weird!) bring Ali to get her muscles-es tested-ed…..Aubree spends the entire episode Pun’king Chelsea (which Chelsea is totally fine with bc it just means she can keep missing school), Kail is really excited about her new health insurance…I mean…”marrying Javi”, and Jenelle and Keiffer file charges against Babs and Mike for trying to save Jenelle’s life. Enjoy!!!

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