Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 1 “Separation Anxiety” with special guest Kristin Mari!

THANK YOU ALL for your patience!!! As you might know, its been a harrowing couple weeks podcast-wise, cat-wise, state of the world-wise, and general lack of sleep-wise, but Im BAAAACK! And I know you guys are gonna love this episode! I haved a guest, Kristin (very active member of We All Love to Hate TV and We All Love to Hate Teen Mom on facebook……speaking of which, JOIN US! We are a friendly bunch of snarky people :)) Fingers crossed, things will be back on track starting next week!

On this episode, Maci is given a ton of great advice on how to parent Bentley, and then does the exact opposite, while Kyle plans his escape plan from the relationship, Cate and Ty are fine and cute, but Tyler is trying out some new character which we are NOT here for. Also, they eat floor cake. Farrah is officially jealous of Sophia taking over her 1700’s era childhood bedroom, and Amber? Well. Amber is classic Amber. Did you know she has bipolar? Anyway….enjoy!!!!

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