Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 2 “Letting Go” with Special Guest Alissa Padilla!

WHOOO! This season is GOOD YOU GUYS! We are only into episode 2 and even MACI is giving us the DRAWMA! (I mean…as much as she is capable of). I am joined by Teen Mom superfan and AL2HTM VIP member Alissa Padilla to break this shit DOWN. On this episode, Maci and Kyle have the MILDEST of fights which reslults in Kyle grabbing his already packed suitcase and leaving (This boy is one foot out the door), meanwhile Ryan eats the world’s biggest sandwich. Cate and Ty get their second visit with Carly in New York, and I NEED YOU ALL TO STICK WITH ME as I compare their second daughter Nova to a character in the Land Before Time franchise, Farrah and Deb take MONSTER Sophia out to a restaurant and Deb basically drinks Farrah’s blood in wine form (what biblical metaphor can I even spin here?), and Amber goes to anger management/drug rehab where they teach her how to KICKBOX EVEN BETTER. Also, Leah re-enacts the final scene of “The Blair Witch Project” the second Amber calls home. Tons to unpack here. Enjoy!

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