Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 3 “The Places You’ll Go”

Happy Monday everybody! Its been a wild week of podcasting but I knew I had to give my babies what they wanted….albeit a few days late! Luckily you’re all accustomed at this point to me being in no way reliable and I love you for that.

On this episode, Maci REALLY lets her ass hang out and I hate her the MOST in this episode! If Kyle was in anyway still into her, he would have had every right to be pissed off AF! Hey Maci? Its not cute to gloat about how much cuter you are than a girl you haven’t even met who is actually much cuter than you. Cate and Tyler talk about growing up and life and this is life and we are grown up and starting life and life is beginning etc. Farrah forces Sophia (basically at gunpoint) to get a $3000 dog that they have zero business owning when all Sophia wanted was a FUCKING FISH, and Gary somehow thinks Amber is DYING to get some Gary Time at rehab over seeing her daughter who she was actually interested in at this point in the show. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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