Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 4 “Strike Out”

We are at THAT episode….the beach walk (or rather BITCH WALK) in Florida with Maci and her terrible friends. Pretty much the only good person in this entire segment is Dalis, Ryan’s girlfriend, who seems lovely! I don’t really remember if she actually IS, but she cant be worse than Maci bc MY GOD I was outraged by her behavior in this episode! Speaking of equally bad people, Farrah starts DATING. Or rather, MTV has hired someone to be on one single episode to have very stilted conversation with Farrah until she is sick of him. Also, how did Sophia ever survive with Farrah leaving her everywhere EXCEPT in safe places? Butch is back from prison, and methinks this will be short lived. At least the family dog loves him and that was a cute moment. Then we have Amber and Gary. One of the few episodes Im on Ambers side a little bit and we can kind of see Gary’s gaslighting take effect. He seems legit TICKLED that he is triggering Amber and basically reversing all the work she has done. What a guy! Anyway, Enjoy!

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