UNLOCKED! Book Club: “You Have No F***King Idea” by Matt Baier Part 4

Chapter 6 : “TEEN MOM TALES”

Here’s a little early Xmas gift for you all so you can hear what youre missing over at our book club! I promise, you’re gonna learn things you didn’t even ASK to know.


Grab a box of tissues guys, because Matt’s about to break down the TRAUMA of being forced to appear on one of the most famous MTV shows ever. He was just shellshocked when he realized that the show was a real thing! I mean, all he wants to do is LOVE AMBA! Basically this chapter is the following sentence repeated about 16 times: “I never asked to be a part of this show and its really weird being famous and I just want to be with Amber”. Hey guys? Did you know MICHELLE OBAMA knows who Matt is? You didnt? Oh….thats prob cuz its 100% untrue. I did a lot of research for this chapter to debunk all of Matt’s lies, so please enjoy the rollercoaster of deception he is trying to pull on all of us. Enjoy!

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