Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 6 “Temper Tantrums”

Happy Holidays to all of YOUUUUWAH! This episode is SO WEIRD bc nothing really happens with 3 of the characters, and then a complete Psychologist’s DREAM happens in Farrah’s section. The amount of trauma was palpable…and that was just mine as a viewer…HEYO! Maci….get this…IS NERVOUS ABOUT PUTTING BENTLEY IN PRESCHOOL (yawn), Butch has to move out of the trailer park bc he literally told the Park Manager that his drug of choice is weed and cocaine (not alcohol IDIOT), Sophia paints her dog’s penis with nail polish and it sends Deb into a catatonic state, and speaking of catatonic? We have Amber doing a pretend Hypnotherapy session, in which my biggest takeaway is that she needs to tend to her piercing. Enjoy!!!

2 thoughts on “Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 6 “Temper Tantrums”

  1. I was fully crying laughing in the car listening to your play by play of Farrah, her sister and Deb’s argument. Thank you for making my anxiety filled day of last minute Christmas shopping a lot less shitty hahaha! ❤️

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