Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 8 “The Next Step” with EXTRA special guest, Julie & Melinda from Resting Bitch Face Podcast!

Helloooo! Well, after this harrowing week for everyone, we are here to bring you some silly antics! I am joined by one of my fave podcasts, Resting Bitch Face (which truly…story of my life) Podcast hosts Julie and Melinda to discuss this very EXPLOSIVE episode! You will all remember a lot of stuff from here that you didn’t even know you had memories of. Maci and Kyle…..get this…….LOOK AT HOUSES (and its an edge of your seat thriller as you can imagine), Farrah takes her baby and dog along for her THIRD date for her current man (who is from Austin….in case anyone forgot), Cate and Ty have a dark ass episode dealing with April after an domestic violence incident with Butch (nothing funny in that segment), and Amber? She warns FUCKING GAAARYYY to watch his FUCKING CUSSING around her YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FATASS!

Amber is the worst. Enjoy!

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