Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 10 “Change of Plans”

WOW what a day with the snow, am I right people who live directly in my area? I was gonna cry while scooping snow for 2 hours but this episode was SO JUICY that I actually was excited to sit down with some hot tea to talk about some….dare I say…HOT TEA?

I of COURSE address the Gary/Amber/Kristina drawma, as we countdown the next couple hours before the new episode of TMOG. After addressing that (obvi the most important news of the week), we get down the business. Hey! Did you all know that RYAN WAS THE MORE MATURE CO-PARENT at one time??? Farrah has one of the cringiest (and most shadily edited) episode to date, Cate and Ty….get this…decide to put off a semester of college instead of making one simple phone call to an administrator, and Amber? Amber’s doing great. Enjoy!

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