Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 12 “Wake Up” with VIP Guest Troy McEady!!!

This has been a HELL of a season, and somehow we made it to the end TOGETHAAA! I am joined by one of my favorite podcasters, Troy McEady from Dunzo Podcast (CHECK IT OUT its amazing), to discuss this throwback episode of our favorite show. Troy really makes me want to up my game with how good he is at impressions…speaking of which? We do a full character analysis of DebzOG’s voice. On this finale episode, Maci, her mom, and a random never before seen dog have a deep conversation about RHINE, which Kyle continues to melt deeper in the couch. Farrah makes a couple (paid for by MTV) “friends” who don’t know how to handle her when she starts going into instant Farrah cry mode. Tyler shows us a VERY dark side that we did NOT APPRECIATE, but he kind of pulls at our heartstrings at the end when hes going off book, being honest, and veering away from inspirational quotes. Amber and Gary have one of the biggest blowout phone calls, which leads to a very real conversation about how Gary actually is a truly terrible person and should NEVER be praised. When we are both on Amber’s side for a full episode? Not a good sign. Enjoy!!!

Check out Troy’s podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dunzo/id1229709087

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