Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 1 “Revelations” with Colin Drucker!

We made it back to Teen Mom 2….and a season that makes me feel warm and fuzzier than walking into a Target! I am Joined by Colin Drucker (Best Supporting Podcast, Alright Mary, In the Details) to discuss the insane episode that will show how much the entire cast WENT WILD during the interim between seasons…WOW! Leah gave birth to Addie (yayyyy……), and Corey is getting married to Miranda and LEAH IS HAPPY FOR THEM OKAY??? Chelsea dresses up as Beetlejuice and meets A-D-A-M at a restaurant to discuss custody and his new upcoming baby with Taylor, and the conversation goes….well, pretty much as expected! Kailyn can’t believe how Jo can be SO SELFISH as to want to live close to his own child, and Jenelle tells us about her heroine relapse, marriage and divorce from Courtland, and upcoming abortion as nonchalantly as if she were reading a grocery list. Also, Jace has learned a new favorite word. Enjoy!!!

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